School of Engineering and Applied Science
Department of Computer Science
CSci 53 -- Introduction to Software Development
Prof. Michael B. Feldman

Project #3
Due Date: Start of lecture, Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2004

The objective here is to do a second simple software development project, as described in the online document Systematic Software Development.

Problem Specification:

In this course, I keep grade records "by the numbers", then, at the end of the semester, I calculate a weighted sum of the numbers to produce a final semester score for each student, on a scale of 0-100. I then rank-order the semester scores, and use this ranking to help me assign an A-F grade to each student. In this project, you'll develop and test a program that will prompt the user for the factors in one student's weighted sum, then compute that sum. (In a later project, we might expand this to compute sums for an entire class.)

See the course FAQ file for the grade weighting factors. Assume labs are on a 0-12 scale, attendance is on a 0-8 scale, midterm #1 is scored on a 0-59 scale, midterm #2 on a 0-63 scale, and final exam on a 0-103 scale. There are 7 graded projects, each on a 0-20 scale, so you can just input a project total on a 0-140 scale. (For simplicity, ignore the bonus and extra-credit points.)

We can calculate the contribution of a given factor as follows:

contribution = percent * (factor/maximumFactor)

For example, suppose a student got 49/59 on midterm #1. This factor's contribution is 10 * (49/59), or 8.30508 points out of 100. If the student got a project total of 115/140, the projects contribute 35 * (115/140) or 28.75 points. The student's weighted sum is the sum of all 6 contributions. Do the calculations with double variables, to keep the fractional parts; display the result to two decimal places.

What to submit:

You must follow the process given in Systematic Software Development. Submit Your grade will be calculated on a 20-point basis, as follows:

Extra credit:

This extra credit is to provide an incentive for starting your project early in the week.If you e-mail your "framework" listing file to Prof. Feldman, and the time stamp on the e-mail is no later than 5 PM, Friday, Sept. 24, 2004, you will be awarded 2 extra project points. The "framework" must be a listing (.txt) file, with no compilation errors, that contains the declared variables, and a set of comments inserted for the main algorithm steps.

MBF 9/19/04