School of Engineering and Applied Science
Department of Computer Science
CSci 53 -- Introduction to Software Development
Prof. Michael B. Feldman

Extra Credit Assignment
Due Date: start of class, Thursday, November 18, 2004

The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to explore your options here at the university. By looking at course options outside of those you all ready plan to take, you give yourself an opportunity to help confirm or question your desire to study in your chosen field.


Attend one class of a course you do not plan to take. This course can be in any department and in any discipline. You must not be enrolled in it now, and it should not be a course you are required or planning to take. Get the course instructor's signature below to confirm your attendance and write a one page response to the class you attended. Did this class change or confirm any ideas you have about what you want to study? Did you enjoy listening in on something completely different than your current courses? Would you consider taking this course as an elective sometime?

This assignment will earn you up to 10 points that will go toward your project total score.

Please be courteous when visiting another class. Go early and discuss your attendance and this assignment with the professor. ASK if it is OK that you attend. Some courses may not work well with an observer or you may need special tools to participate. Understand if the professor is not comfortable with your attendance and pick another course.

Attached is a brief letter to the course instructor and the sheet which they are to sign.

This assignment is due on or before the beginning of class, Thursday, November 18, 2004.


CSci 53 -- Introduction to Software Development
Fall 2004
Prof. Michael B. Feldman, Course Instructor

Dear Course Instructor,

This student is participating in an extra credit assignment for Computer Science 53, Introduction to Software Development. It is my feeling that many students, and computer science students in particular, do not take advantage of the many opportunities available to them at their university. I am asking my students to attend one session of a course they have never considered taking. My hope is that attending a class outside of their expected course of study will either confirm their desire to concentrate in computer science or cause them to question it. Either way, students will benefit from this insight.

If you are willing to let this student sit in on your class, I will be contacting you just for confirmation of their attendance. Please do not let an extra student disrupt your class. If this is not a good class for them to attend, ask them to find another. If you have any questions about this assignment, please contact me at Thank you very much in advance for your understanding and support.


Prof. Michael B. Feldman
Dept. of Computer Science, SEAS


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MBF 10/18/04