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School of Engineering and Applied Science
Department of Computer Science

CSci 51 -- Introduction to Computing

Chester B. Lund
Phone: 703-610-2954 (office)

Where Do They Use Ada in Industry?

Handouts and Program Files for Fall 1999 Semester

General Information

Syllabus with Course Outline
Project Preparation Rules
Plagiarism and Collaboration on Projects
Using the GNU Ada 95 Compiler in CSci 51
GW Code of Academic Integrity
ACM-IEEE Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice
Ada Resources for Educators and Students

Laboratory Exercises

Lab Week 01
Lab Week 02
Lab Week 03
Lab Week 04
Lab Week 05
Lab Week 06
Lab Week 07
Lab Week 08
Lab Week 09
Lab Week 10
Lab Week 11
Lab Week 12
Lab Week 13

Class Projects

Project 0
Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Project 4
Project 5
Project 6
Project 7
Project 8
Project 9

Ada Summary Tutorials

Introductory Ada Summary
Introductory Ada Tasking Summary