The George Washington University
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
CSci 51 -- Fall 1997
Project #0
Due Date: 5 PM, Friday, August 29, 1997

This initial "mini-project" will not be graded, but you must do it on time. The purpose of is to get you onto the computer and using the editor and e-mail system to compose a message. You will get assistance for this during the first lab meetings on Friday. Of course, it is acceptable to do it earlier.

  1. Get your Unix account set up at the School of Engineering and Applied Science Computing Facility (SEASCF), 4th floor, Tompkins Hall. Do this immediately after class.
  2. Log in to felix. Type the following to get your account set up:

    . ~csada/setup-51

    This must be typed in exactly as you see it, including the initial dot and the "tilde." If you have files in your file system from other courses, the setup script will leave those untouched. The setup process will, however, modify your .kshrc and .profile files to give you read-only access to the shared directories like programs51 and info. You will also start receiving a "news flash" from the professor and lab instructor every time you log in.
  3. Once the setup is done, copy the file info/survey.txt into your file system:

    cp info/survey.txt ~

  4. Bring the survey form into the editor:

    vi survey.txt

  5. Use the editor to fill in the requested information on the survey form, then save the survey back in your file system.

  6. Send the survey as an e-mail message to the prof and lab instructor:

    elm clund <survey.txt
    elm koeun <survey.txt

  7. Log off.

We will both acknowledge receipt by sending a "thank you" message back to you. You will then know that we can communicate with each other.

Please do this project before the deadline.