The George Washington University
School of Engineering and Applied Science
CSci 41 -- Introduction to Computer Science
Fall 2000 -- Additional Key Facts About the Course

Prof. Michael B. Feldman --
This file is available online at
It augments the SEAS 1/CSci 41 key facts file at

Graded Work:

Recall this discussion in the SEAS1/CSci 41 page:

The first and second half will be graded separately, then the two halves combined for a final grade. The first half work includes:

Second half details will depend upon the second-half lecturer. For SEAS 1 students, the halves are combined equally. For CSci 41 students, it will be 33% first half, 67% second half.

Second-Half Information:

Your second-half grades will be computed from your lab grades (45%), your final exam (45%), and your class attendance (10%).

Last Modified November 20, 2000