The George Washington University
School of Engineering and Applied Science
SEAS 1 -- Introduction to Engineering and Applied Science
CSci 41 -- Introduction to Computer Science
Fall 2000 Course Schedule

Prof. Michael B. Feldman --
This file is available online at

Textbook: Decker & Hirshfield, The Analytical Engine

Week Starting Lecture Topic Reading Assignment
Oct. 23 Curriculum; History; Algorithms Module 1
Oct. 30 Operating Systems, Machine, Assembly, and High-Level Languages (Software) Module 6
Nov. 6 Physical Computers (Hardware) Module 7
Nov. 13 The Big Questions in Computer Science Module 8
Nov. 20 Artificial Intelligence Module 9
Nov. 27 Real-Time Systems Handouts
Dec. 4 Spillover and review

FINAL EXAM: Wednesday, Dec. 20, 11:00 AM
Read the GW Code of Academic Integrity
Read the ACM-IEEE Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice

Last Modified October 24, 2000