The George Washington University
School of Engineering and Applied Science
CSci 41 -- Introduction to Computer Science
Fall 2000

Lab Exercise 1, Oct. 27, 2000 -- Computing History

This file is available online at
  1. Use your web browser to visit the SEASCF installation of the course lab materials. This installation is located at
  2. Read the first page that comes up.
  3. Create a new blank page in Netscape Composer called lab1.html. Leave this window open so you can enter information in it.
  4. Click on Module 1, then do lab exercises 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3. Whenever you are asked to write down an answer, enter it in your lab1.html page. At the end of the lab, publish the page to your SEAS website and e-mail the URL to your lab instructor.
Note: Don't worry if you can't finish all the questions in the lab. Just do as many as you can in the time you have; you'll get credit for the lab if you've done a reasonable amount of productive work.